Orwell Neighbourhood Plan


Commissioned by Orwell Parish Council, a standing committee has been set up to coordinate the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the village of Orwell. This standing committee will be calling upon various resources within the village, the local authority and various consultants to produce the plan.

The emphasis on this process is to produce a document that represents the hopes and expectations of those who live in Orwell and consequently we will be seeking inputs from residents through various consultations.

We expect this process to take some time if we are to do it justice, but we hope to use this web site and other forms of communication with the village to keep you in touch with progress.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out the priorities for the village in defining future planning and is primarily aimed at the use of land. It does not set out to define specific planning policies, but to set the framework for planning decisions by defining the needs, expectations and priorities of the village when considering what is important to us, what defines us and where we hope to take the village in the future. More detail will be provided in due course.

Examples of neighbourhood plans from other villages can be found on the web.

The Standing Committee

Today the Standing Committee has 5 volunteer members:

Have Your Say

We are initiating a survey to commence the production of the plan by finding out more about what matters to the people of Orwell.

Download the poster here

Download the Survey Form here

Orwell Village Meeting, 22nd May 2022

Download the presentation given at the village meeting, 22nd May 2022 here