Workshop 22nd February 2024

We held the workshop to consult residents on a variety of issues relevant to our Neighbourhood Plan in order to produce a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis which will, in turn, create a scope for the Neighbourhood Plan itself. Up until this time, we have been engaged in a variety of activities and produced documents designed to inform the structure and content of the Neighbourhood Plan, and this was the latest activity to that purpose.

We were joined by Natalie Blaken and Rachel Hogger who facilitated much of the procedure after a short introduction from myself to what we are doing and where we have arrived. Natalie and Rachel are professional consultants specifically appointed to support our activities and funded through Cambridgeshire ACRE.

The Workshop was extremely well attended from 20 members of our community, plus the members of the Steering Group. Conversation was vibrant and the outcomes essential to our work. Everyone’s contribution was very much valued, and I would like to extend my special thanks to those that took part.

Because this was a Workshop, it was necessary to limit numbers so that the process could be managed. Although the attendees were at the higher end of the age range of Orwell residents, we did get a comprehensive and essential insight into the issues that are important to our community.

Here are the presentations that were made at the Workshop.

My introduction

Natalie and Rachel’s presentation

Here are the documents produced to record the outcomes of the meeting.

Scoping the Plan Workshop – a detailed agenda for the meeting

Workshop Outcome - report on the conclusions of the meeting and the resulting SWOT analysis. Also presented is the outline scope of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Furthermore, there are several important documents which have been produced on our behalf by AECOM, which formed an important input to the proceedings. These two documents are still in Draft form and yet to be completed, but we have decided to share them with you at this time.

Housing Needs Assessment – This document sets out our views on the needs for housing development in Orwell in the future and sets it into the context of local and national policies.

Design Guidance and Codes – this describes the nature of design for property that might be developed in the future in the context of existing established deigns.

Planning Policy Context Analysis – sets the framework of local and national policies which inform the Neighbourhood Plan.

Community Engagement Strategy – how we set about incorporating the views of the community.